Luxury retail landscape in Dubai, UAE

Luxury retail industry in Dubai

The recent pandemic had a great impact on the worldwide luxury industry, leading to numerous changes of habits for the customers but also the companies that needed to adapt their strategy.

The study aims to understand the purchasing habits, the preferences, and the perspective of Kuwait's population toward the luxury industry.

March 2021 ● 1 week duration ●  Dubai ● Digital Survey ●

Key findings

  • Purchasing habits
  • Online & offline preferences
  • Influence of the pandemic & perspective
  • Main Takeaways

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  1. False expectations or future growth?

Significantly, Middle East personal luxury sales were already declining even before the start of the pandemic. An overflow of supply from retail shutdown during COVID-19 has been evident and still continues to suppress the market.

Nevertheless, the growth outlook of the luxury goods market in Middle Eastern cities seems positive even though colossal difficulties are looming.

The Middle Eastern luxury goods segment is estimated to grow by approximately 8.5 percent (2020-2025) despite ongoing challenges, according to Mordor Intelligence Report.​

Dubai alone accounts for 30% of the Middle East’s luxury market. The UAE citizens spend as well around 30% of their monthly salaries on luxury goods in early 2020. The increased acceptance of digitization by both luxury retailers and consumers is an integral part of the innovative comeback solutions seen in the industry despite the pandemic outbreak.

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