Esports & e-gaming in Cambodia

Esports in Cambodia

Despite its relatively recent introduction to Esports, Cambodia’s gaming scene seems to be booming. In this research, we sneak a peek into the behavior, consumption, and perception of Esports in the Kingdom of Wonders.

February 2021 ● 1 week duration ●  Cambodia ● Digital Survey

Key findings

  • Overview of the Esport Industry
  • Gaming behavior
  • Consumption of Esport & video game content
  • Perception of Esport
  • Main Takeaways

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  1. When the Kingdom Levels Up

The Gaming and Esports industry in Cambodia is booming, with an estimated two million players.

Numerous companies are enabling the growth of Esports in Cambodia through event/competition with cash-prize, team sponsors, and platform development.​

Cambodia players are increasing with heavy internet penetration and mobile diffusion, as well as the spread of cyber coffees across the country.

The purpose of this lite research is only to showcase a work sample. For more respondents, insights, or questions about our methodology, please contact:

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