Automotive industry landscape in Hong Kong

The Automotive Industry in Hong Kong - 2021

The automotive industry in Hong Kong is gaining a lot of traction. In this market research piece, we asked Hongkongers about their car ownership, perceptions, and preferences.

January 2021 ● 1 week duration ●  Hong Kong ● Digital Survey

Key findings

  • Households current car ownership figures
  • Purchasing preferences
  • Segmented preferences
  • Main Takeaways

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  1. A race to differentiation or a focus on recovery?

The car industry is seen as a key driver of GDP in Hong Kong along with many countries of Southeast Asia and trouble in the automotive industry could spell trouble for the wider economy.

Some governments have offered aid to companies, but that may not be enough, and as such, carmakers who have been hit hard by COVID-19 have turned to innovation as a way to boost sales of their vehicles.

Despite being hard hit by the economic downturn and restricted movement, carmakers have continued to push momentum with the launches of various car models.

​Within the past decade, the volume of cars increased by almost a third. Private cars made the largest share of registered vehicles in Hong Kong.

The purpose of this lite research is only to showcase a work sample. For more respondents, insights, or questions about our methodology, please contact:

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