The Future of Social Media in Hong Kong - 2022

The Future of Social Media in Hong Kong - 2022
In collaboration with Digital Business Lab

The Method Research conducted a survey campaign in Hong Kong in partnership with Digital Business Lab, a social media agency present in Singapore and Hong Kong.

The study aims to understand the perception, preferences, and opinions of the active population in Hong Kong on potential restrictions of social media & communication platforms.

January 2022 ● 1 week duration ●  Hong Kong ● Co-branded Research

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  1. Hong Kong: the next digital battleground for social media players?

In Hong Kong, now more than ever, social media platforms are enjoying an ever-increasing level of influence.

However, under the current privacy law amendment, the Hong Kong government can order platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter to remove content and block local access to the platform if the company failed to comply.

In this context, these platforms have already warned multiple times that potential stronger regulation would force tech groups to stop providing services in Hong Kong.

The presence of large social media and search engines in Hong Kong supports the city's attractiveness to international businesses compared with mainland China, where access is restricted. It results in a sensitive and fragile situation for many social media & communication platforms with an uncertain future for their users.

In collaboration with Digital Business Lab, we decided to have a closer look at the younger part of the local population (between 18 and 40 years old) and study how they use their social apps and how that consumption would evolve in case major international social networks would have to/decide to exit the market.

2. Survey Results

The Method Research team was assisted by Digital Business Lab in the elaboration of the survey design and general scope of this research.

For more respondents, insights, or questions about our methodology, please contact Raphaël, our Insights manager:

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