Mobile Network 2021 Report in The Philippines

Mobile Network 2021 Report in The Philippines


This survey research has the purpose to understand and gather general insights on the Filipino population’s perceptions and preferences regarding the mobile phone network operator sector in the Philippines.

In this context, The Method Research has surveyed 1,593 respondents, with proportions applied between Mindanao, Visayas, and Luzon according to actual population repartition.

January 2022  ● Digital Survey Research

Key findings

  • General insights on their perception of the best Mobile Networks Operators
  • Behavior & habits with mobile phones in the Philippines
  • Evaluation of Mobile Networks Operators Companies (Coming Soon)
  • Net Promoter Score of Mobile Network Operators Companies (Coming Soon)

A competition now fiercer than ever

At the present, there are two dominant mobile networks in the Philippines, Smart Communications and Globe Telecom. Talk N’ Text and Sun Cellular are subsidiaries of Smart Communications, while Republika ng TM is under Globe Telecom.

Telecom operator DITO, which has been brought in by Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte to challenge the duopoly of Globe Telecom and Smart Communications, saw its commercial launch in March 2021. DITO has a long way to go to close the gap with established rivals Globe Telecom and Smart Communications. However, it can be a disruptive competitor in the current market.

Around 30% of the mobile phone users in the Philippines are still on the 2G/3G network. Compared to Globe and Smart, DITO is starting with a 4G/5G network, which can prove to be an advantage in attracting 2G/3G users when combined with attractive offers.

Going further: the methodology employed

Respondents are selected based on specific targeting options offered by several advertising platforms. Respondents targeting criteria are also cross-referenced with our own databases and verified explicitly in the survey. We also follow strict layers of quality control to ensure the relevance of the data collected.

Type of Research conducted: Quantitative
Quantitative research leverages the collection and analysis of numerical data in order to identify patterns, generalize results and test causal relationships.

Method of Collection: Online Survey
We recommend the use of online surveying for this study. Survey questions will start once the respondents click on our ads promotion (Facebook, Google, Instagram, and third-party apps).

Data Analysis Method: Statistical Analysis and Data Visualization
TMR will conduct an in-depth statistical analysis of the data collected and report the patterns, trends and shifts primarily using data visualization products.