Crush your strategy with automotive market insights

Crush your strategy with automotive market insights

The automotive sector is in the midst of unprecedented change. These shifts are requiring companies to simultaneously navigate today’s evolving landscape. In this context market research has become a powerful tool to reach the target audience of automotive brands. It is to answer these emerging challenges that The Method Research has elaborated research packages dedicated to scenarios in the automotive industry. Check them out! 👇

Focused on driving change

The new paradigm for the automotive industry is like any other industry: it's driven by ever-evolving technologies, regulatory demands, and consumer expectations.

The COVID-19 has caused havoc notably across Southeast Asian economies with sales evaluated to have decreased by 29% in 2020 according to Nikkei Asia (Source Here), leading to a general reassessment of the strategies of automotive brands and a forced shift to digital for several actors of the market.
In addition, China's auto sales slumped 19.6% in September 2021 compared to 2020, industry data showed, falling for a fifth consecutive month, demonstrating the impact of this health crisis on the Asian's automotive industry. (Source: Here)

It's been a race for different car brands to come up with the quickest turnaround. The parts are in demand, the people reach constantly for excellence, and the processes are evolving offline and online.

Keep the show on the road

As far as cars go, today's consumers have more metrics than ever before to take into account in the purchase or leasing of a vehicle. Customers are now faced with a dizzying array of options. With so many more choices, they can no longer be expected to patronize any one business exclusively.

With its recurring demand, retail doesn’t exist in a bubble. Automotive companies need to understand how their customers buy and what drives purchase behavior. Automotive companies should base their managerial and strategic decisions on the solid knowledge of the existing data and market trends insights. Otherwise, they risk losing momentum, being unable to generate sustainable revenue growth.

Know the road ahead

As the levels of competition between auto industry companies are on the rise, The Method Research provides solutions for automotive companies looking to differentiate themselves from competitors by offering solutions that are custom-tailored to their niche.

In the current market, it is essential to see what the automotive community thinks about your brand and identify the hottest automotive challenges and trends. Continuous monitoring of economic conditions, consumer behavior, and competitors’ activity are sure to give car brands a significant competitive edge on their market

The world is your marketplace, so which viewfinder are you using?

Whether it is an awareness or perception study, the development of a communication strategy, how best to launch a new model, or understanding buying behavior, we have the right research package for you.

Package #1: Market Overview

Outline the market opportunities and boost your strategy with this dedicated package. Understand your consumer attitudes and recognition towards your brand, competitors, and products. Identify the latest trends and what people are thinking about them and adapt your communication & strategy.

Get valuable information on customer profiling, current consumer opinions, and ownership.

This research is the full package for automotive players, providing all you need to know about a specific market: competitive analysis, brand perception, market pulse, positioning, general trend identification...

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Package #2: Customer Journey

Map out the pain points and opportunities with our Customer Journey package. Understand the process the customer went which led to the sale of the vehicle of one of your direct competitors.

Asking people about their car purchase experience is a great way to learn how to improve it.

Your customers have a story that brought them to you or your direct competition. Identify the best way to gain a unique, relevant place in the consumer's mind for your product and company.

Understand what is under the hood of your target audience's motivations and expectations. Get insights from recent car owners and stay one step ahead of your rivals.

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Package #3: Product Launching

Gain a clear vision with our Product Launching package. Use customer knowledge to inform the entire process of bringing a new model service to the market. Focus your marketing efforts by getting up to date information on both existing and emerging trends.

We provide detailed consumer profiling and the resources to make the perfect start for your new vehicle or service. Save budget and avoid under-performing launching with the right testing before your campaigns. Evaluate the interest and identify how to trigger the interest of your target audience.

In search for more  packages? We have also other dedicated ready-to-deploy research in-store including packages to measure Campaign Performance, go deeper in customer profiling or test a concept to back up ideas with data, all specific to the automotive industry.

Pedal to the metal

The automotive industry is racing the revolution at full speed. Brand and product positioning has become prominent in this sector and in this context, market research has become critical to have a correct assessment of the market landscape while getting valuable insights from potential and current customers, but also your competition's audience.

Market research becomes a great tool that can help automotive companies determine where to focus the effort in the first place to meet market demand and get the best return on investment.

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